Intea's management strategy is based on decentralised and local management organisations with their own staff.

Local presence under in-house management
An important part of Intea's strategy is our local management organisations, with their own staff and a high degree of autonomy. We see many benefits from this, including greater commitment and higher quality awareness, faster decision-making and a closer relationship with tenants. Additional effects of having our own staff on site in our properties are that we can identify new development needs in the properties at an early stage and can also take better advantage of acquisition and project development opportunities. Our central management organisation complements and supports the local units, for example via coordination of project and sustainability expertise.

This makes more structured and efficient management, project and sustainability work possible and facilitates greater transfer of knowledge and experience between local organisations. Over the past year, Intea has begun establishing new management and project organisations in both Halmstad and Kristianstad.

Sammanlagt arbetar 27 personer i de lokala organisationerna Halmstad, Linköping, Kalmar, Skåne, Vänersborg och Östersund.


Intea has had a presence in Halmstad since 2016. The portfolio consists of eleven properties, with a total lettable area of 73,600 sqm and approximately 20,000 sqm of building rights. Intea owns and manages all properties in the university area of Halmstad, with Halmstad University as the largest tenant. The university is integral to the development of the municipality and the region as a knowledge hub and an engine for growth.


Linnéuniversitetet är ett av Sveriges största universitet, med 33 000 registrerade studenter och 150 utbildningsprogram fördelat på Kalmar och Växjö. Under 2020 färdigställdes etapp två av Linnéuniversitetets lokaler på Universitetskajen. Första etappen i projektet färdigställdes hösten 2018. Byggnaden, om 29 100 kvm, har miljöcertifierats enligt LEED Gold.


Linköping’s Garnisonen district is built around the two military regiments that were based in the area for a century. The area comprises around 86,200 sqm of lettable area, the main tenants are the Swedish Police Authority, as well as the National Forensic Centre, the National Board of Forensic Medicine and the National Courts Administration. The area also has offices, private doctor’s surgeries, restaurants and a hotel.

Skåne (Eslöv, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Lund, Malmö)

Intea has a growing property portfolio in Skåne and has begun the establishment of a new local project and management organization in this region. The company's most recent acquisitions include Malmö University's portal building Niagara, Campus Kristianstad and the police station and custody center in Helsingborg.


Vänerparken is a district with large green spaces, centrally located
by the shores of Lake Vänern. Nearly 800 people work in the area, which covers 38,100 sqm of lettable space. There are around 40 tenants in the area, the largest of which are the Municipality of Vänersborg and the Västra Götaland Region. The area has a water park, marina and restaurant. Vänerparken also manages Vänerskolan, with a lettable area of 5,800 sqm.


Campus Östersund is centrally located in Östersund, with properties originally built for the military in the late 19th century. The lettable area in the Campus area is almost 52,000 sqm and 1,400 people work there. More than 80 tenants are based in the area, the largest of which is Mid Sweden University. In addition to the Campus area, Intea also owns properties in central Östersund, including the District Court. Excluding the Campus area, the lettable area is 18,700 sqm.