On 17 January 2022, it became clear that the development plan adopted by Gothenburg City Council in December 2021 for healthcare and research at Per Dubbsgatan has become legally binding. This is another important step in the realisation of Sahlgrenska Life – one of the biggest investments in life science in the Nordic countries.

Sahlgrenska Life includes the construction of three new buildings, with buildings 2 and 3 being developed by Vitartes along with Intea, which will also be the long-term owner and manager of the buildings. Potential tenants include the Västra Götaland Region administration and the University of Gothenburg. Intea’s share of the project amounts to approximately 50,000 m2 of lettable area.

Building 2 will link Sahlgrenska University Hospital with the University of Gothenburg’s medical faculty, Sahlgrenska Academy, and will include translational research environments and regional laboratory medicine. Building 3 will be built on the Medicinareberget campus and will include training facilities, clinical skills centre, dentistry and odontology.

“To make Sahlgrenska Life possible, specialised growth environments in a central location are required. Buildings for healthcare and research are part of Intea’s core business, which is why it is particularly exciting to have the opportunity to help develop one of the Nordic countries’ leading centres for world-class research, healthcare, education and innovation in Gothenburg. We look forward to the further design work,” says Peter Jacobsson, Head of Project Development at Intea.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2023, and the first buildings are expected to be ready for occupancy in 2027. 

Image: Sweco/Arkitema