Henrik Lindekrantz
Henrik LindekrantzCEO Intea Fastigheter AB (publ)
Founder of Intea. Formerly a corporate lawyer at Atlas Copco AB, before which Henrik worked as a lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling in Stockholm. Holds a Master of Laws degree from Lund University.

Mobile +46 (0)732-08 81 02

 Christian Haglund
Christian HaglundDeputy CEO Intea Fastigheter AB (publ)
Founder of Intea. Previously worked at Atlas Copco AB, where he oversaw the group’s asset management, in addition to other financial roles. Holds an MSc in Business and Economics from Lund University.

Mobile +46 (0)733-80 81 23

Group personnel

Charlotta Wallman Hörlin
Charlotta Wallman HörlinChief Operating Officer
Charlotta is the Chief Operating Officer of Intea Fastigheter (publ), with responsibility for legal affairs and compliance, communication and HR. She is also a member of the company's management team. Charlotta joined Intea from the legal firm Morris Law.

Mobile +46 (0)733-24 50 25

Johanna Apell
Johanna ApellCommunication
Johanna manages the company's communication and internal projects. She previously worked in the insurance industry, where she was in charge of quality and service delivery. Johanna holds an MSc in Business and Economics, majoring in Finance, from Stockholm University.

Mobile +46 (0)760-08 49 59

Wilma Stenhardt
Wilma StenhardtDesign och administration
Wilma provides practical support to other employees within the group, including in graphic design. Wilma was previously employed in the service industry, where she worked in customer service.

Mobile +46 (0)768-68 60 02

Jennifer Ström - föräldraledig
Jennifer Ström - on parental leaveCentral projects
Jennifer joined Intea in March 2017 and is working with the company's central project. She was previously employed at Vacse, where, as an administrative manager, she was involved in implementing the company's new business systems.

Mobile +46 (0)722-36 03 80

Management, projects and business development

Henrik Olsson
Henrik OlssonHead of Property
Henrik oversees property management and business development, and is also a member of the management team. His previous roles include being Regional Manager for Skanska's housing development in Stockholm and he has held several management positions. Henrik holds an MSc in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Mobile +46 (0)706-78 70 71

Kjell-Åke Nilsson
Kjell-Åke NilssonHead of Business Development
Kjell-Åke previously worked at the Swedish Courts Administration, where he was head of property. He has also previously worked as CEO of VätterEsplanaden AB, a real-estate company in Huskvarna with residential and commercial premises. Kjell-Åke holds an MSc in Business and Economics from Linnaeus University in Växjö.

Mobile +46 (0)708-35 96 80

Peter Jacobsson
Peter JacobssonHead of Project Development
Peter has over 20 years’ experience in the construction and property industry, with in-depth knowledge of the various phases of property and project development. He has previously worked at Bygg-Fast AB (now Forsen Projekt), and, more recently, was CEO of Fem Hjärtan Holding AB, where he developed the company's business from scratch.

Mobile +46 (0)733-75 56 10

Linda Schuur
Linda SchuurHead of Sustainability
Linda has extensive experience of the property and construction industry. She previously worked as a sustainable-business developer at Serneke and as a consultant and sustainability strategist at SURE Studio. Linda holds an MSc in Architecture from Chalmers University of Technology.

Mobile +46 (0)706-75 12 28

Emma Johansson
Emma JohanssonEnvironmental and Project Coordinator
Emma coordinates sustainability targets, as well as managing projects and developing the technology content of the company's properties. Emma holds an MSc in Energy Engineering from Umeå University.

Mobile +46 (0)702-83 30 32

Ulrica Johansson
Ulrica JohanssonHållbarhetssamordnare
Ulrica arbetar med hållbarhet inom bolagets projekt och fastigheter. Hon kommer närmast från Balder där hon hade rollen som biträdande förvaltare. Ulrica har en kandidatexamen inom fastighetsutveckling från Kungliga tekniska högskolan.

Mobil 0722-32 63 09

Mikael Drozdjibob
Mikael DrozdjibobSite Manager Storstockholm
Mikael previously worked as an estate agent for eight years. He is a graduate of Luleå University of Technology’s real-estate agency programme.

Mobile +46 (0)708-12 58 28

Robert Bournobuke
Robert BournobukeJunior Property Manager
Robert is a graduate of Newton University of Applied Sciences’ real-estate agency programme.

Mobile +46 (0)730-87 34 25

Financial management and analysis

Eva Bång
Eva Bång
Eva leads the company’s financial management and analysis department and its work overseeing the company's financial strategy on acquisitions and project development. She joined the company from financial services company Catella, where she was interim CFO. Eva holds an MBA from Uppsala University.

Mobile +46 (0)702-20 14 69

Ulf Gunnarsson
Ulf GunnarssonEkonomichef
Ulf ansvarar för koncernens ekonomi- och redovisningsavdelning. Han kommer närmast från Lassila & Tikanoja där han haft rollen som Finance manager.

Mobil 0705-95 08 15

Mattias Nuay
Mattias NuayAnalysts
Mattias works with analysis and financing and also provides support for the financial management department. He joined the company from Volkswagen Finance. Mattias holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

Mobile +46 (0)724-54 08 84

Lisa Ek
Lisa EkFinancial Controller
Lisa is in charge of the analysis and monitoring of the company's overall financial results, budgets and investments. Lisa holds a BSc in Property Development with Real-Estate Agency from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Mobile +46 (0)762-36 86 68

Amelie Lindberg
Amelie LindbergAccounts Manager
Amelie is responsible for the Company's accounts. She previously worked at Hemsö Fastighets AB where her duties included rental administration and management support. Amelie has a degree in economics from Företagsekonomiska Institutet (the Institute of Business Administration).

Mobile +46 (0)761-03 24 33

Ellinor Drevendal
Ellinor DrevendalAccountant
Ellinor works with the company's accounting. She was previously employed at Galatea Spirits AB, where she managed trade receivables and payables. Ellinor holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Södertörn University.

Mobile +46 (0)724-54 56 00

Gina Gilbertsson
Gina GilbertssonAccountant
Gina works with the company's accounting. She was previously at Omega Ekonomi i Stockholm AB where she worked as an accounting consultant. Gina holds a BSc in Economics from IHM Business School.

Mobile +46 (0)730-51 23 33

Marina Kansbod
Marina KansbodAccountant
Marina works with the company's accounting. She was previously an accounting consultant at Ernst & Young. Marina holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Luleå University of Technology.

Mobile +46 (0)703-01 49 90

Randeep Mann
Randeep MannAccountant
Randeep works with the company's accounting. She was previously employed at Einar Mattson, where she was involved with end-of-year accounts and annual reporting. Randeep holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

Mobile +46 (0)702-87 87 30

Fredrik Svensson
Fredrik SvenssonAccountant
Fredrik works with the company's accounting. He was previously at Veidekke Entreprenad where he worked with financial control. Fredrik holds a degree in economics and philosophy from Stockholm University.

Mobile +46 (0)730-91 15 54


Johan Elwing
Johan ElwingManaging Director of Intea Linköping
Mobile +46 (0)703-47 47 37
Jenny Forsman
Jenny ForsmanProject Manager
Mobile +46 (0)733-73 76 90
Gustav Tidman
Gustav TidmanProject Manager
Mobil 0706-12 64 59
Joakim Karlsson
Joakim KarlssonTechnical Manager
Mobile +46 (0)13-35 99 63
Örjan Angelöv
Örjan AngelövTechnical Manager
Mobile +46 (0)13-35 99 67
Jonathan Lindblom
Jonathan LindblomOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)703-01 25 69
Magnus Ohlsson
Magnus OhlssonOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)730-68 03 50


Jerker Häggström
Jerker HäggströmManaging Director of Intea Östersund
Mobile +46 (0)701-32 19 00
Anki Björklund
Anki BjörklundProperty Administrator
Mobile +46 (0)703-25 66 58
Mikael Nilsson
Mikael NilssonOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)703-25 60 02
Bert Persson
Bert PerssonOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)703-25 66 40
Robert Björklund
Robert BjörklundOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)703-25 66 23
Lars Hallqvist
Lars HallqvistOutdoor Environment
Mobile +46 (0)703-25 66 36
Gustav Söderberg
Gustav Söderberg

⋅ Vänersborg ⋅

Robert Andersson
Robert AnderssonManaging Director of Intea Vänersborg
Mobile +46 (0)521- 652 14
Ann Larsson
Ann LarssonProperty Administrator
Mobile +46 (0)521- 652 12
Erik Liljenberg
Erik LiljenbergService Technician
Mobile +46 (0)521- 652 15
Andreas Skoogh
Andreas SkooghOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)521- 652 13


Jonas Rimsberg
Jonas RimsbergOperating Manager
Mobile +46 (0)722-17 90 60
Roger Wahlman
Roger WahlmanProperty Technician
Mobile +46 (0)702-87 45 76


Johanna Tideman
Site Manager
Mobile +46 (0)733-75 56 11
Mona Magnusson
Mona MagnussonProperty Administrator
Mobile +46 (0)766-34 20 02
Ola Larsson
Ola LarssonOperating Manager
Mobile +46 (0)703-49 02 90
Jonas Nyberg
Jonas NybergCaretaker
Mobile +46 (0)730-96 89 88

⋅ Skåne ⋅

Björn Wemmenborn
Björn WemmenbornManaging Director of Intea Skåne
Mobile +46 (0)730-60 11 71
Elron Ly
Elron LyDriftansvarig Malmö
Mobile +46 (0)705-15 99 36
Jennifer Dahl
Jennifer DahlOperations Technician
Mobile +46 (0)761-36 18 31
Stellan Öberg
Stellan ÖbergOperations Technician
Mobile +46(0) 761 24 65 26