Intea's property portfolio in southern Sweden has grown rapidly in recent years through several acquisitions. There are also several major new construction projects underway in the area. The addition of Kristianstad means that Intea now carries out property management and project work with its own organisation in six locations in Sweden.

The portfolio in southern Sweden includes properties in Kristianstad, Malmö and Lund, with just over 82,000 sqm of lettable space. In addition, Intea is carrying out several large new construction projects in the area with a combined project volume of approximately 75,000 sqm, with the biggest projects in Kristianstad.

Björn Wemmenborn has been appointed CEO of Intea Kristianstad and is tasked with establishing and leading the property management organisation in Kristianstad and Malmö/Lund. Björn joins us from NCC, where he was Head of Project Development. Prior to that Björn was Deputy CEO of Osbybostäder AB and he also has a background in the Swedish Armed Forces. Björn will take up his new position in January.

In September, Elron Ly joined the team in Malmö where he has the role of Operations Manager for Malmö University’s main building, Niagara. Elron is also responsible for the operation of the Psychiatric Hospital in Lund.

“Our decentralised, local approach using our own property management organisations is an important part of our strategy. It allows us to provide efficient and committed property management, working in close contact with our tenants in day-to-day operations. We have a number of exciting projects underway in Kristianstad, and having Björn at the helm will give us an excellent start in building a strong team in Kristianstad,” commented Henrik Lindekrantz, CEO of Intea.