Intea and the Swedish Police Authority have signed a design contract to explore the construction of a new police station in Strömstad.

The new police station is to be located in the northeast part of the town next to the emergency services premises on Ringvägen. The lettable area is estimated to be around 3,700 sqm, including work areas, a reception, custody suite, fitness space and changing rooms, dining area and parking with capacity for approx. 30 vehicles. Construction is expected to begin in 2023, with occupancy scheduled for summer 2025.

About 45 people currently work for the police in Strömstad, and this figure is expected to rise to just over 60 once the new building is complete. The building will be constructed with a strong focus on sustainability, and the aim is for it to be environmentally certified to BREEAM standard, Excellent.

“Discussions about a new police station in Strömstad have been ongoing for several years, and it’s really satisfying for everyone to finally get the project off the ground. As we all know, the needs of the police force have grown and it’s going to be a large station relative to the size of the town,” commented Kjell-Åke Nilsson, Head of Business Development at Intea.