Intea Fastigheter AB (publ) and Kristianstad University in southern Sweden have signed a cooperation agreement for the new City Campus project. The goal is to jointly create a new university of about 30,000 sqm, based in a central location.

Kristianstad University has rented around 33,000 sqm in the Näsby area in the old P6 premises since 1995. In September 2018, the decision was taken to go ahead with the plan to move the organisation to a more central location.

The cooperation agreement between Intea and the university aims to evaluate the university's future location within the Båthamnen 1 block in Kristianstad to subsequently create modern, efficient teaching environments, with Intea as the future landlord. The location has great potential and is close to the city and central station. The site is currently home to Tivolibadet, which is scheduled to close in 2022, when a new swimming centre is due to be completed. It is estimated the new university will take around two years to build.

Intea is now the largest private landlord for higher-education institutions, including Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University and Halmstad University. The company also has a number of development projects to create the facilities of the future for higher education and scientific research.

"This is a unique opportunity for both the university and the city of Kristianstad to design a brand-new university. Universities based in central city locations have long been the most attractive for students, researchers and staff. A highly visible and integrated university also contributes to a thriving city centre," says Christian Haglund at Intea.

"Kristianstad is becoming increasingly important for Intea. We’ve been active in the city for almost two years through the new justice centre, where work is well underway. The project with the university will be a natural continuation of this, to which we can also bring our experience from our other university new-builds", says Intea’s Henrik Lindekrantz.

"Intea is an experienced and supportive landlord. The cooperation agreement is a natural progression to establish detailed documentation on areas like financing and design to aid the board in its decisions. The rent and area in the agreement would be largely the same for a new combined city campus as if we stayed and remodelled our existing premises in Näsby, with the limitations that entails," says Håkan Pihl, Vice-Chancellor of Kristianstad University.

See also Kristianstad University's website for further information

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Lindekrantz, Intea:
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Christian Haglund, Intea:
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Håkan Pihl, Vice-Chancellor of Kristianstad University:
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