"Intea specialises in managing and developing social infrastructure through a long-term approach."

Intea invests in and manages social infrastructure for its own long-term management. By social infrastructure, Intea means premises for essential services that are specially adapted for the purpose of public-sector tenants. The existing property portfolio consists primarily of properties in the categories of justice, higher education, health care and other public-sector activities.

Intea's strategy is based on three pillars:

Stable growth

The aim is to continue to grow steadily, as well as to maintain and further develop a sustainable property portfolio in social infrastructure. Project development is generally carried out in collaboration with and on behalf of the tenant. Intea's strategy for financing shall support the business and manage the company's financial risks.

Sustainability & innovation

A strong driver of Intea's business concept entails setting challenging and ambitious climate targets in order to escalate efforts to reduce environmental impacts across the value chain. Improving efficiency, reducing material and energy consumption and increasing the share of recycling help to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the company develops and implements innovations to an increasing extent. The main thrust of Intea's sustainability strategy is to maintain and preserve the buildings it owns, while avoiding demolition and new construction wherever possible. With a long-term ownership perspective, sustainable solutions are a central aspect of Intea's business.

Sustainable relationships

Intea works every day to maintain and develop relationships with tenants, employees, suppliers, shareholders and financiers. Relationships are at the heart of the company's business. We are responsive to our shareholders, financiers and other stakeholders and ensure that we accommodate their suggestions regarding measures or changes to buildings and outdoor environments, which are continuously updated and made accessible to improve the work environment and well-being of the occupants of each property. The company actively works to increase cooperation, motivation and value creation.