“Being based near tenants provides lots of advantages in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and continued enhancement of the portfolio.”

Tenant relations
Property management is at the heart of a property company and involves looking after tenants and properties. Our property management is based on a local presence and knowing our tenants, to ensure a high-quality service. So, where possible, we have our own management and maintenance personnel. Talking with our tenants allows us to understand their needs and wishes and quickly identify any changes that need to be made at our premises. Being based near tenants provides a number of advantages in terms of customer satisfaction, higher quality and continued enhancement of the portfolio. We aim to always provide in-house property management in those locations where tenant needs or the properties require it.

Our local teams have the necessary know-how, which makes us experts in our own properties. This is a real advantage when it comes to operating and maintaining them. In addition to local personnel, Intea also has a central property management department, which can provide support where necessary.

All property management follows our sustainability policy, and the aim is for work carried out to have the minimum environmental impact. We take a long-term approach to our properties and their management. Quality and sustainability are our watchwords, both within the group and at our local offices.

Garnison properties, Linköping

Linköping’s Garnisonen district is built around the two military regiments that were based in the area for a century. More than 2,000 people work in the area, which comprises around 86,000 sqm of lettable space. The main tenants are the Swedish Police Authority, as well as the National Forensic Centre, the National Board of Forensic Medicine and the National Courts Administration. The area also has offices, private doctor’s surgeries, restaurants and a hotel.


⋅ Halmstad ⋅

Intea has had a presence in Halmstad since 2016. The portfolio consists of nine properties, with a total area of 78,100 sqm and approximately 20,000 sqm of building rights. Intea owns and manages all properties in the university area of Halmstad, with Halmstad University as the largest tenant. The university is integral to the development of the municipality and the region as a knowledge hub and an engine for growth.


⋅ Östersund ⋅

Campus Östersund is centrally located in Östersund, with properties originally built for the military in the late 19th century. The lettable area in the Campus area is almost 52,000 sqm and 1,400 people work there. More than 80 tenants are based in the area, the largest of which is Mid Sweden University. In addition to the Campus area, Intea also owns properties in central Östersund, including the District Court. Excluding the Campus area, the lettable area is 18,600 sqm.


Vänerparken, Vänersborg

Vänerparken är en stadsdel med stora grönområden centralt belägen
Vänerparken is a district with large green spaces, centrally located by the shores of Lake Vänern. Nearly 800 people work in the area, which covers 39,400 sqm of lettable space. There are around 40 tenants in the area, the largest of which are the Municipality of Vänersborg and the Västra Götaland Region. The area has a water park, marina and restaurant. Vänerparken also manages Vänerskolan, with a lettable area of 5,800 sqm.


Universitetskajen, Kalmar

Linnaeus University is one of Sweden's largest universities, with 33,000 registered students and 150 degree programmes in Kalmar and Växjö. In 2020, the second phase of Linnaeus University's premises at Universitetskajen was completed. The first phase of the project was completed in autumn 2018. The 37,800 sqm building is certified to LEED Gold standard.