Since it was founded, Intea, as a long-term owner of social infrastructure, has aimed to ensure that sustainability permeates the entire business. We take great responsibility for building and managing energy-efficient buildings with a constant reduction of the climate footprint, both in terms of new construction and as part of our property management.


Intea’s overall sustainability goals

  • Reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Combat corruption and bribery
  • Create good working conditions for our employees and tenants
  • Contribute to greater gender equality


Sustainable relationships

Sustainable property management

Working closely with our tenants is important to us and helps ensure long-term sustainable management. By developing our properties together, we can create good work environments and improve the well-being of the people who occupy our buildings. Close dialogue and collaboration with our tenants puts us in a good position to reduce our climate footprint. We are constantly making refinements, including in the areas of energy efficiency and smart solutions.

Social initiatives

We work continuously with social sustainability measures. We have created space for people who have difficulty entering the labour market. Our tenants include non-profit organisations that do important community work, such as the Women’s Shelter (Kvinnojouren). We take pride in granting such activities rent discounts, thereby hopefully providing increased benefits for society. In addition, we promote leisure activities for young people by sponsoring both sports clubs and cultural activities.


Sustainability & innovation

Environment and energy efficiency

Intea aims to constantly develop our properties, which we do by continuously working on energy efficiency, new solutions, technologies and collaboration with our tenants and other stakeholders. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to increase the recycling of water, heat and cooling. During 2021, we converted as many of our light sources as possible to more efficient LED lighting. Furthermore, we have optimised the running of our properties, and also implemented an expansion of solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling systems, and started installing charging stations for electric cars at the properties.

We also work to increase biodiversity in suitable areas in our property portfolio. We implement stormwater management, rainfall and ecosystem services at an early stage, to achieve a good outdoor environment, minimise flood risks around our buildings and contribute to good habitats and natural cycles.

Sustainable renovation and new construction

Intea strives to use environmentally friendly materials such as climate-smart concrete and solid timber frames to the greatest extent possible. We also actively work on innovative technical solutions and measures that contribute to energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption. In Östersund, we have developed a process in which we maximise the amount of reuse in our properties when implementing tenant adaptations, renovations and remodelling. This mainly involves reusing sheet metal, doors, windows, and interior glass and wall sections. In new construction, a shift is underway to maximise reuse there as well.


Code of Conduct and policies

We actively promote sustainable development and social responsibility. As part of this, an Environmental and Sustainability Policy, a Quality Policy and a Code of Conduct for Suppliers have been created.

ISO Certification

Intea is certified pursuant to the ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and 14001:2015 (environment) management systems. We take a long-term ownership approach to our property portfolio and have our own local management units. Quality and environmental management systems provide additional tools to help manage our properties and ensure our work is conducted sustainably, with consideration for both the environment and quality. This also ensures systematic monitoring of our property management and development.