In Kalmar, Intea is the owner of parts of Linnaeus University's premises at Universitetkajen. The building is environmentally certified in accordance with LEED Gold and has a rentable area of ​​29,300 square meters.

Error reporting

Non urgent cases

To report an error that is not urgent, please fill in the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can and update continuously via email/text message during the course of the case. The more information we receive, the faster we can help.

Examples of non urgent issues could be a broken lock on an interior door, lighting that doesn't work, or a door handle that is loose.

Urgent cases

To report an emergency case during the day, we ask that you call Jonas Rimsberg directly on 0722 17 90 60 or Roger Wahlman on 0702 87 45 76. Error reporting or on-call at other times is done via 020 77 85 00.

Examples of urgent matters are water leaks, power outages or defects that can lead to personal injury.


Visiting address

Intea Eldaren AB, Universitetsplatsen 1

392 31 KALMAR

Standby duty

020-77 85 00